A Little Praise…Aftermath of the Lowdown

Some people just deserve a little praise. Well, maybe a lot of praise. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beautiful moments of Nikki Rich…and Richie and I are so devoted to this company, but that man deserves so much more than just our appreciation. While we are having the time of our lives watching the Nikki Rich brand grow (our e-commerce store and “The Cools” is on its way!) and plotting what is going to be an amazing course for Crome (our menswear line), I don’t ever want to overlook the fact that while I am in Los Angeles making the day-to-day operation of our dreams come true, Richie is wearing so many hats and touching so many lives around the globe.

The last year has been so full for him, and he gives each and every endeavor his all. From Hurricane Sandy and helping people hit by that devastating tragedy, to gearing up for a World Tour with Bon Jovi, we can’t loose sight of the fact that Richie has passion that is unparalleled. He stays so true to who he is and that fact is overtly evident with every note of his latest solo effort Aftermath of the Lowdown.

Please join us as we take a little time to give back to the man who gives so much. Won’t you please let us know, on our official Nikki Rich facebook page, what your favorite track on his album is and why? And if you haven’t already, please “like” our page as well. As a warm thank you will we randomly select an entry to win a signed (by him, not me silly) Aftermath of the Lowdown CD. How can it get any better than that?

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