A search for meaning…

For me, one of the most fulfilling things about styling can be the meaning behind the look…and when you want true meaning you sometimes have to search for it. When Richie started planning for his current tour, “Aftermath of the Lowdown” our conversations drifted in and out of business, and life, and back again. One topic led to another but I felt that his overarching vision was rooted in and kept returning to his spirituality. Richie is such a spiritual person and we really wanted to find just the right pieces so this would translate on tour. Of all of the options we talked about, Richie found himself gravitating toward rosary beads and his desire to find an appropriate way to incorporate them. It quickly became apparent to me that the only option would be to find him some vintage pieces with true soul. As I started my search at one of the Annex Antique Markets near 25th Street in New York City the pieces truly started to find me. I took a few pictures and hope that you can see how truly special they are. Just knowing that they had a previous owner and were kept, cared for and cherished by them moved me. The search was over, we both found meaning in each rosary, and it was beautiful to see them around Richie’s neck.

Sterling silver rosary from the antique market in New York City

Sterling silver rosary, detail

Mother of Pearl rosary circa 1920, found at an antique market in New York City

Mother of Pearl rosary, detail

28th Street Antique Market in New York City

antique market / NYC

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