“Because We Can” Bon Jovi. iTunes. Today!

We just feel blessed and blessed at Nikki Rich. In addition to me AND Richie being nominated for Shorty Awards, getting ready to reveal our Summer Capsule, and reading and reading and reading some amazing entries from the fashion blogging contest we’ve got running (Free Nikki Rich clothing, don’t you know!), TODAY is the day that the new Bon Jovi single “Because We Can,” from the soon-to-be-released “What About Now” is available on iTunes! Yes, right now! Because we know the single will leave us all salivating for more, you should know that “What About Now” will be released in March on Island Records. If you are lucky enough to be a fan AND live in New Jersey, you will be tickled PINK that Richie and the boys will be at the Metlife Stadium, as part of a much bigger tour, on July 24 and 25. We love that Richie and Jon wrote “Because We Can” with Billy Falcon who has written or helped write over at least a dozen songs on six Bon Jovi records. When something works, it works! Now stop reading and get yourself over to iTunes!

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