Dreamy Dresses for Nikki Rich

Did I mention last night that we have been in the design studio day and night, feeling inspired and designing dresses out of our minds? The last few weeks have truly been a labor of love as we have poured over fabric and trimmings to create some truly spectacular pieces. We gave you a sneak peek of this dress last week, and a hint of what was to come last night, and now we’re ready to show you the finished piece. I am so in love with the dress you see below, and I really, really hope you are as well! Created from our hearts and crafted with silk embroidery and tulle, this dress was delicately hand stitched to create a feminine and interesting silhouette. I could not keep my hands off of the silk embroidered pieces and decided the dress would not be complete without a delicate bolero vest of the black silk leaves. Stunning. Do you love it?

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