Fun in the Hollywood Hills with Genlux Magazine Editor Amanda Eliasch

Seriously, does the fun ever end? Last Saturday night I attended an amazing party given by Genlux Magazine fashion editor Amanda Eliasch. It was definitely a beautiful scene and Amanda’s Hollywood Hills home was overflowing with talent and beauty. Breathtaking views, delicious food, thought provoking conversations, incredible art, and most importantly a night of laughter with fantastic friends.

You can read all about it in this British Weekly article that ran yesterday, and see pictures of me with Genlux Creative Director Stephen Kamifuji and British fashion designer Pam Hogg below.

The evening featured a look at Pam’s designs and live performances by the talented Lisa Zane (Billy’s sister) and Charles Eliasch (Amanda’s son). They are both appearing (and singing) in Amanda’s recently completed movie, “The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly.”

The place was filled with talent and amazing sights to see…from the pretty faces, to the petals in the pool, to the pink piano…the fun never ends!

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