I’m a Little Bit Country…

This might surprise you…and as you get to know me you’ll find that I am a woman of many surprises…but I just can’t get enough of Country music these days. While my heart beats loud for rock and roll (and so does Richie’s) we both have an overwhelming appreciation for all things Country! When Richie is on stage playing a double neck guitar wearing a black hat with silver conchos on it singing “I’m a Cowboy…” the influence is evident. As a part of the new men’s Crome line we are designing for Fall 2013 there are a noticeable amount of cowboy influenced shirts, denim and tees.

The thing that I love most about Country music is that when you really listen closely you can easily identify with it on so many levels. The lyrics really resonate as they are so often filled with tales we can all relate to…stories of every day life, loss, pain, failure and love.

While we feel so honored when we see people like Kate Beckensale, Nicole Scherzinger or Alanis Morissette wearing our designs, our hearts also run heavy for Country stars like Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisely and Kelli Pickler, who also know how to infuse their Country sensibility and ROCK Nikki Rich!

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