Ladies and Gentlemen, Richie Sambora on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

It has been fantastic to watch Richie performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week. From what I understand, for Craig, it was a case of “you get what you wish for.” Craig casually mentioned one night that he wished Richie and his band would be his house band, and when Richie heard about it he couldn’t refuse…for a week anyway. Clad in Crome, Richie and his band have been performing twice each evening, the theme song and another performance at the end of every show. Watching him perform songs from Aftermath of the Lowdown is always a treat! Also, Craig has been featuring him in so much more throughout the evening. He has been a prominent fixture every night. I’ve attached a picture from Monday of Richie in our velvet, snake print blazer with leather sleeves worn beautifully over a turquoise distressed t-shirt. Last night he looked just as amazing in our gold velveteen blazer. Make sure to tune in for the rest of the week so you watch him rock the house…and of course, see what he’s wearing!

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