Love, Thanks and a Fashionable First Lady!

Such a wonderful day! First, Happy MLK Day! Second, thank you all for showing such immediate support and gratitude for Richie and the post we put up last night. Reading about how much you all love Aftermath of the Lowdown and hearing your personal stories about the songs that touch you and why has made us all, especially Richie, feel touched and grateful. Lastly, how can we post and not mention how beauty and style went hand in hand today (Inauguration Day) for the beautiful Michelle Obama and her girls Sasha and Malia. Dressed in an elegant tailored coat by Thom Browne, earrings by Cathy Waterman and shoes by J. Crew, she just looked as amazing as we all knew she would. It’s easy to appreciate her simple sense of style, and admire how she always knows exactly what works best for her. With daughters Malia in a purplish coat by J. Crew and Sasha in Violet Kate Spade by her side, we thought they looked picture perfect for such a special occasion. By the way…we LOVE the bangs!

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