Nikki Rich Fall 2013 Collection: Hollywood Monthly! The Los Angeles Fashion! The Persuitist!

I woke up today and felt instantly overwhelmed (in an amazing way!) by all of the wonderful things that are happening for Nikki Rich. I have told you before that designing clothing is a painless labor of love for us and the recognition we have been receiving since our show at Siren Studios last Saturday night has shown us that every last minute has been worth it! I can’t describe to you how big our smiles are and how excited we were to learn today that besides the amazing accolades we received from WWD and The Sun, Nikki Rich is also currently being featured in the pages of Hollywood Monthly (check out the sneak peek of our Summer Capsule), The Los Angeles Fashion (they posted razor sharp images), and The Persuitist (more great images, but I especially love the one of me posing with the models who rocked the catwalk!)

Nikki Rich Fall Hollywood Monthly The Los Angeles Fashion

Although Richie is on the road, travelling the world with Bon Jovi, he wanted me to make sure he also sent along a special “thank you” to all of you. The new Bon Jovi album “What About Now” was released yesterday…in retail stores, on Amazon, and on iTunes, and you just know he’s really feeling all the love!

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