Nikki Rich – How To Wear Sheer? (Take a hint from Gwyneth)

How to wear sheer? It seems that Gwyneth Paltrow (coincidentally just named People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman” for 2013) took a fashion risk last week when she showed up to the Iron Man 3 premier in an Antonio Berardi dress with very interesting detail, including sheet panels that revealed both sides of her body from her ankles up to the top of her hips. While I personally think the dress is spectacular, it was apparently, quite controversial. Perhaps all of that skin made some people feels a little uncomfortable? Perhaps it created an “awkward” moment for others.

If you know Nikki Rich, you know that we use “sheer,” a lot. But since I’m not Gwyneth and I know you are not either, perhaps it’s okay to talk about how we would wear the style. First and foremost, I think the trick to wearing sheer is making sure you have just the right undergarment. You really can’t go wrong with a sweet camisole. Thin straps and a snug fit will always help you avoid looking (and feeling) bulky, and you should always experiment by matching the cami color to your bottom and not always your top (trust me).

Our spring 13 collection has a few sheer pieces in it, including three that are currently featured in our online store; the Star, the Fay, and the Una. All are lovely and feminine and laced with just the right amount of sheer. While Gwyneth’s look is bold, and beautiful, and becoming for the red carpet or runway, it’s a bit much for dinner with girlfriends, yes?

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