Nikki Rich is on “The Cools”

We have been taking some time to set up our very own store on The Cools. If you haven’t heard about The Cools yet, it’s definitely the time. The Cools is a stylish, social marketplace that let’s you browse and shop unique items from a very select group of sellers.

The site allows you to tailor your experience to your lifestyle, search for and find pieces that are truly perfect for you and speak to your personal taste. The site is full of independent brands like Nikki Rich, boutiques and other unique sellers, and they all sell really special pieces.

You can spend time finding things you think are “Cool,” collect them on your page, and then purchase them if you choose. What is really most exciting is that after two years of being a “members only” site, The Cools announced on April 11 that they were opening its site to the public. It feels so good to know that we are one of only 100 relevant brands now selling on the site. We hope you visit our store there and  mix and match our pieces with the other “cool” things you find from amazingly talented designers.

We hope you will go to The Cools site and become a member. If you do, please let us know on our Facebook page what you think. We would love to hear about what you think is cool!

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