Nikki Rich Loves For All Things Spring Fashion!

Forever looking for incredible inspiration I took to the World Wide Web today. A little Bing here, a little Google there and I came across a site that just blew me away! Have you ever seen  Chances are that you have, as came into being, in France, in 1994.

While its origins dates back quite some time I can assure you that everything you see there TODAY is absolutely fresh and exciting in the world of fashion. The site is available in English, Japanese and Spanish and their tagline is, appropriately, “This Is The World of Fashion.” Don’t you just love it?

When you hit their home page there are many categories to choose from (Labels, Photography, Shopping, Couture, etc.), but the one marked “Today” is my favorite. And today, literally 8 hours ago, editorial fashion spreads were posted and featured from both Flare and Bullett Magazines. As a matter of fact, we are proud to say that Nikki Rich was featured in Bullett’s Spring 2013 issue. You can see the image below.

As you scroll down the home page of you will see other articles posted several days earlier, and each one is truly better than the next. Simply scroll over the thumbnail image featured to get more information about the source, click through  and your in the middle of some amazing editorial spreads!

Go ahead, take a peek. You can thank me later. xo

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