Nikki Rich Loves Street Style 2013

I’ve been a little obsessed lately with “Street Style” images on the Internet. I love to be able to go on the web and look at real fashion on real people all around the world. Any day of the week I can check out sites like The Sartorialist and find beautiful, candid or semi-staged images of men and women from every continent dressed in some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Of course, The New York Times has been running their feature on Street Style for as long as anyone can remember, and that amazing man, Bill Cunningham has the job of the century, riding his bicycle all over Manhattan snapping pictures of the fashionable people of that electric city. I can’t help but give another nod to Boston this week and point out their version called For a city not known for fashion, they certainly do have some great style going on! And last, but certainly not least, I love driving around Los Angeles peeping at the people I  find out and about. This city definitely has a look of it’s own and I love it!

It made me really start to think about “Street Style” and how great it is to be your own trend setter…to take an article of clothing, be able to wear it your own way, and rock your look. And while I love being a designer more than anything, I also love to put a look together and really make it noticeable. I was looking through the images of our spring collection, took one look at the Vivian skirt and remembered what a great time I had styling that shoot. The skirt is really lovely…easy and comfortable and crafted from a substantial, contrast striped, cotton modal fabric. While it can really go with anything I had a blast putting it together with our Una shirt, a pair of black peep-toe heels, and a wide, hip-slung metallic belt. Stunning!

Tell us…how would you wear the Vivian? What are your styling tips? We want to know!

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