Personal Style in the New Year – 2013

There are so many reasons why I love Los Angeles, and the celebration of personal style looms large. Between my long hours spent at the design studio I am out and about and all over the city searching for and finding inspiration everywhere. I don’t necessarily take all of the inspiration to put back in my designs, but I do have respect for it and love to let it resonate. Another place I find treasure troves of personal style is on the Internet. There are so many amazing blogs that highlight and celebrate personal style, and I wanted to share two New York based blogs with you here. Perhaps you’ve heard about The Satorialist. A photographer names Scott Schuman began the Satorialist “with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about fashion and it’s relationship to daily life.” Man, does he ever. Schuman travels the world taking candid shots of real people on the streets of their city (New York, Milan, London, etc.) and gives his followers the opportunity to discuss all that they see with one another. The images are fantastic and the fashion is interesting and often be mesmerizing. Another blog I love is The Glamourai. A gorgeous gal named Kelly Framel started the blog in 2008…for fun. Now she runs it as a well-known brand. She must be having the time of her life dressing up for the images you see as she showcases the things she loves all wrapped up in her personal style. With the New Year approaching I am so looking forward to 2013 and another year of fashion.  Do you have any blogs you love and want to tell us about? Can you tell us more about your personal style? We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Stylish New Year! (Talking about personal style…I love my slashed leather skinnies!)

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