Steel Fire Favorite!

I know without a doubt, that each and every person reading this right now has one piece of clothing that they know they’ll never stop reaching for. Maybe it’s a pair of your hottest blue jeans or the softest cashmere sweater you own…maybe it’s an old t-shirt that has been washed and worn so much it feels like it’s a part of you. Last night I was walking out the door to join some friends for dinner when I felt a crisp chill in the Los Angeles air. Without even thinking I reached into my closet and pulled out my Steel Fire blazer. Crafted from a soft stretch Ponte fabric it’s easily my go-to piece. Richie and I love working with Ponte. It is a tightly woven knit that feels super smooth under your hand, and while we designed it for Fall, Ponte is truly a seasonless, versatile fabric to work with. The Steel Fire blazer was designed with a faux crocodile insert which makes it look sexy with jeans and stylish with dress trousers. Honestly, it is one of those pieces I will never stop reaching for. On our website we show it with our Wild Dove pant – also made from a Ponte knit with faux crocodile insert. The sexy but super comfortable skinny leg design make them look good with anything you might think to pair them with.

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