Sunshine, Fall 12 Collection

I get such a unique thrill when I see someone I respect so much wearing a Nikki Rich design, and Carrie Underwood is one of those people. Besides her unrelenting talent and amazing eye for fashion, she is one of the most kind, gracious and beautiful people I’ve met! You may not know this but Carrie’s stylist, Trish Townsend is a dear friend to me and we often work together to design pieces specifically with Carrie in mind. We just have so much fun sending sketches and fabric samples back and forth until we get it just right. For the Fall 12 Collection we worked together to create the Sunshine shirt that Carrie wears so beautifully in her “Good Girl” music video. We found ourselves inspired by a vintage sensibility that spoke to something feminine and fragile, but strong at the same time. The corset inspired design (which Carrie just loves) features chiffon inserts on the sleeves and sides and has a sexy drape in the back. What I love most about this piece though is the prominent shape and silhouette of the sleeves. They are broad, bold, and bring a focus of attention to the shoulders and neckline. They just make you stand up straight and be noticed!

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