Wrap it up…our favorite sweaters (F12 Collection)

So much goes into every single piece Richie and I conceptualize and design for Nikki Rich and Crome (our new men’s line, coming soon!) every season. There was no exception with our Fall 12 line and each and every cozy sweater in the collection. While we love them all I really wanted to highlight a few that stand out for me in one special way or another. With one look at our Mercury sweater you can almost see how light yet warm it is. I love the feminine creamy color, the detail and drama of the longer sleeves, and the extended drape of its hemline. It looks altogether sexy and soft…and amazing on everyone. When I find myself in a slightly warmer situation but still with a desire to keep the chill at a distance I always reach for my Esmeralda sweater. It’s a light, super soft tunic, made of a delicious blend of silk, cashmere and wool. The open bat sleeves give it an ease and flow you don’t always find in a favorite sweater. Our collection would not have been complete without the Angie. It’s a classic black turtleneck that at first glance looks traditional as a season staple, but it’s the surprise of the flattering ruched detail that will make you fall in love with it every single time you slide it over your head.

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