You Are Amazing…As You Are

I just wanted to take a little time today to acknowledge some of the most important people in my life…my girlfriends. You know you have them too…women in your life that continue to inspire you. Friends who feel like sisters. Maybe it’s the inspiration attached to this New Year that makes me think about them and wonder if they see even half of the amazing things I see in them. Regardless, I want to let them know exactly how I feel about them.

You are amazing …

Stronger than you think

More beautiful than you know

Worthier than you believe

More loved than you can ever imagine

Passionate about making a difference

Fiery when protecting those you love

You learn and you grow

You are not alone

You are warm, giving, generous, quirky, sexy, funny, smart, flawed, whole, scared, brave…

And so, so, so much more….

Be strong … Be confident… Be you….

And so for you, the girlfriends of the world, I share these beautiful images that inspire me. I chose to focus on the color burgundy as it is a color that encompasses a lot the things I admire about you…your vigor and elegance, your richness and refinement.

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